Saturday, March 26, 2011

Satisfying Your App-Etite

Do you find yourself saying, "Thereʻs an App for that!" ...or our personal favorite"There SHOULD BE an App for that!!" ..Then prepare to have your App-Etite satisfied in 2011...
According to a recent App Study released by Gartner; 8.2 billion was downloaded last year, and a whopping 100 percent increase of 17.7 billion is expected for 2011... 17.7 BILLION!
If you havenʻt figured it out by now the growling App-Etite is global, and the hunger is profitable--for the creators, stores, and owners, which all reap the revenue. In fact the App Store is expected to surpass $15.1 billion in 2011--thatʻs a huge jump from the $5.2 billion generated last year, which includes app purchases and ads placed inside the apps!
Every company has an App Store these days: Blackberry App World, Android Market, Microsoft Marketplace, HP's WebOS store, Nokia's Ovi Store, Verizon, Samsung, and of course the single best-selling store, which started this whole craze and lead 90% of all app downloads in 2010...Appleʻs App Store. Last week? Appleʻs App Store reached 10 Billion Downloads. Wow!
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